Can 7.62 Kill A Bear

Which 7.62 Round Is Better Against A Bear? Is 7.62 Effective Against A Bear? Bears are mighty big game and hunting them can become a dramatic showdown. Ensuring that the right round is loaded can make the difference between miss or kill, or even between life and death. Bears are extremely aggressive animals which have […]

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What Can You Oil A Gun With

What Is The Best Way to Clean and Oil A Gun?Why Clean and Lubricate a Gun? Why Clean and Lubricate a Gun? A huge portion of modern guns possess incredible resistance to elemental variables such dust and moisture. Any polymer frame weapon will do a lot better with less care, cleaning, and maintenance. Some brands, […]

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What Are Modern Pistol Frames Made Of

What Are Modern Handgun Frames Made Of? A Brief History of the Evolution of the Pistol Frame A firearm frame (or ‘receiver’ as it is sometimes called), is a critical part of a gun’s construction. It houses the bolt, breechblock, firing mechanism, and hammer. It is also generally threaded in the front in order to […]

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What Is The Best Infrared Optic For Close Quarters Combat

Best Thermal Optics and Scopes For Close Quarters Combat (CQC) Why Are Thermal Optics Used In Close Quarters Combat? Some really respectable military officers who helped develop a variety of Close Quarters Combat systems (martial arts, weapons, and other defenses) agreed on the consensus definition of Close Quarters Combat (CQC) to be any type of […]

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The History of the Revolver

How Did the Revolver Evolve? What Was the First Revolver (and Who Made It)? The year was 1836 and Samuel Colt, a young 22 year old man, was granted a U.S. Patent for the revolver mechanism.1This mechanism lets a firearm fire multiple times without having to reload, a revolutionary (pun intended) concept for the time. […]

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How Do Bulletproof Vests Stop Bullets

How Do Bulletproof Vests Actually Work? What Are Bulletproof Vests Made Of? Bulletproof vests are articles of personal armor that are worn to reduce impact, prevent damage, or otherwise prevent penetration of the body from a projectile (bullet, shrapnel, explosives, etc.). So it is imperative they are made out of incredibly strong materials; However, before […]

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