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Ruger Wrangler Revolver Stats and Information

Introducing The Ruger Wrangler

Ruger has been around for decades and is well known for producing some of the most rugged, durable, and reliable firearms available. They are also known for making quality revolvers. The Ruger Wrangler is one of the most recent additions to the Ruger revolver family. The Wrangler is sleek, yet western-looking. It loads .22LR caliber rounds, which are extremely affordable, yet powerful and deadly. And while there are many bullet varieties available for the Wrangler (in .22LR caliber), it has been able to achieve a velocity as high as 1045 FPS using the CCI Mini-Mag HP 36 weight bullets.Though it is worth noting that the gun can fire several other types of rounds (.22 CB Caps, .22 long, .22 short, and .22 LR shotshells).

The Ruger Wrangler comes in three models, each sporting a different cylinder frame finish.

Ruger Wrangler Model Specs

The Ruger Wrangler models all share the same specs, less for the cylinder frame finish. These are the general specs for the gun…

Caliber: 22 LR

Capacity: 6

Action: Single-Action

Weight: 30 ounces

Barrel Length: 4.62”

Height: 4.85”

Cylinder Width: 1.40”

Overall Length: 10.25”

Twist: 1:14” RH

Hammer: MIM Stainless Steel

Trigger: MIM Stainless Steel

Barrel Material: Forged Carbon Steel (cold-hammered)

Cylinder Frame Finish: Varies based upon model (see below)

Cylinder Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy (Die Cast A380)

Ejector Housing: Aluminum

Grips: Checkered Synthetic (Single Six pattern grip frame)

Grooves: 6

Front Sight: Fixed Blade

Rear Sight: Fixed Integral

Rifle Grooves: 6

Safeties: Loading Gate Interlock & Transfer Bar

Suggested Retail: $249.00

The different finishes provide a user a way to better relate to their firearm. These are the three models and their finish variation…

Model 2002

Model 2002 is finished in Black Cerakote. It is quite sinister in appearance and looks deadly.

Model 2003

Model 2003 is finished in Silver Cerakote. It has a very traditional western-like appearance.

Model 2004

Model 2004 is finished in Burnt Bronze Cerakote. It is an extremely classy finish and sure to impress.

Armory Bay’s Ruger Wrangler Review

The Ruger Wrangler is a really nice feeling gun. Although the revolver is rear-heavy, a longer barrel helps ensure the sights very easily line up with little effort. The grips are easy to handle and have the right outward contour at the bottom, yet leaving a skinnier compilation up towards the hammer. Despite being chambered in a lighter 22 LR round, holding the gun gives a user an instant feel of Western American folklore. It most certainly looks and feels like a classic Colt competitor. The price, at a cool $249 retail, may have some fooled into thinking this is a cheap firearm. In reality, the Wrangler is high quality and gives other revolvers a run for their more expensive price tags. 

Not only is it an affordable gun for anyone, but it makes an excellent first firearm for anyone new to gun ownership and culture. After actually shooting the gun, most opinions are that it is easy to fire and feels safer than most revolvers. Even experienced shooters have a great deal of fun with the Wrangler. The trigger is a smooth pull with a crisp feel and nearly 4 pounds of resistance. The Cerakote finishes are a nice touch for both aesthetics and durability. And these finishes are excellent for resisting rust.

In Conclusion: An Instant Classic

The Ruger Wrangler is without a doubt an exciting addition to the Ruger lines and to the world of the revolver. It is a reliable and durable firearm that is both easy to fire and easy to maintain. The three different finishes make this gun attractive to a diverse number of gun owners and collectors. It is also a super fun gun to shoot. Furthermore, some tests have shown the accuracy to be extradordinary!1


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