What is the Best Non-Lethal Weapon for Home Protection?

Non-Lethal Alternatives

Like it or not, our world just isn’t as safe as it once was. Depending on where one lives, chances are pretty good that town will never be confused with Mayberry nor is there a Sheriff Andy protecting the good people who live there. Local police do the best they can keeping the peace, but the truth is, in the event of a home invasion, they just might not be able to get there in time to do any good.

It’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing to protect themselves by purchasing guns. Everyone who lives in the United States have a legal right to bear arms and to protect one’s home. Although not everyone is comfortable handling a gun, let alone having one in the house where a child could innocently find it and do some lethal damage. For others who are comfortable operating a gun, they may not be all that comfortable killing another human being. Fortunately, there are a number of effective alternative devices one can use to protect themselves while doing some serious damage to the unwanted intruder breaking in one’s home without the risk of killing them.

Three Strikes You’re Out

The old-fashioned baseball bat is an oldie-but-goodie that never goes out of style. It doesn’t get any easier than this low-tech device. Easily stored right by a front door, anyone who can lift a bat can simply swing at the would-be attacker and do some damage. While any bat will do, wooden bats can actually break during an altercation, so consider purchasing a metal one instead. One manufacturer named Cold Steel makes one bat called the “Brooklyn Crusher” that is made from durable polypropylene that will definitely hold up during any invasion. This device also comes with a side benefit: your kid can use it to play baseball too.

Pass the Pepper

One can never go wrong with a can of pepper spray. Once sprayed in the face, an attacker will pretty much be out of commission for a few minutes giving one time to get away. Even the biggest brutes are often brought down to their knees after getting sprayed with this stuff. The searing pain and the temporary blindness will stop the bad guys cold. Sprays are often very cheap to purchase as well. 

Some brands, like Sabre’s 3-in-1 spray, boasts of being 30% more effective than other brands and can spray up to ten feet away which can be very useful compared to smaller ones where a person needs to be standing fairly close to their attacker to make a significant difference. The only real downside is that it is easy to end up spraying yourself as well during the break in, so be careful.

Shoot the Salt

A step up from pepper spray is the pepper spray gun. Using round salt pellets that look like something one would see from a sci-fi movie, pepper spray guns combine two technologies into one effective device. These guns shoots salt pellets with amazing accuracy and upon contact with the assailant, rips open to revel tear gas which can cause temporary blindness, difficulty breathing and severe impact distress depending on the individual. 

The Salt Supply Co. says they have a pepper spray gun that says is so effective, it has a range of over 150 feet. Each salt round travels at 320 feet per second, which as the company states, is the equivalent to a 50 mph fastball. Ouch.

Leave Them Stunned

Another highly effective yet inexpensive protection option for any homeowner is the stun gun. In seconds, an intruder can be hit with spiked electrodes so strong that they can penetrate through the intruder’s clothing and give them a shocking surprise that they won’t soon forget. 

Stun guns come in a variety of sizes including Vipertek’s unassuming pocket-sized version. This stun gun doubles as an innocent flashlight, but it packs a punch when needed. It is rechargeable and features military strength protection that fits nicely in the palm of one’s hand. This stun gun also features a “grab guard” that will also shock the bad guy if they try to take it away from the person holding it. The company also claims that this model is environmentally friendly too! (Not that one would really care about the environment during a home invasion.)

Another stunning option comes from Streetwise who offer the aptly named Attitude Adjuster 30,000,000 Stun Baton. Made with a military grade aluminum, this isn’t a gun at all. Instead, it’s a 19 inch-long baton that will give some distance between the homeowner and their attacker. It also comes with a super-bright flashlight that will aid in confusing the criminal.

Not a Kid’s Game

Protecting one’s home is no game, but there is another option that sounds like one called a bean bag gun. Although a pricier option compared to the others listed above, bean bag guns are considered one of the most effective yet safest products on the market today. These are spring-loaded, gas-powered devices that shoot out mini bean bags at an incredible 135 feet per second. Simply point, shoot and the attacker won’t know what hit them. One bean bag gun from ARMUSA says that it is effective from up to 20 feet away from the intruder.

Tried and True

Tasers are well-known as effective tools to use against the bad guys. It’s a device that fires barbs attached by wires to batteries that causes temporary paralysis. The Taser X26C is a shooting gun that was developed for those in law enforcement, but is colored yellow so that it cannot be mistaken for a real gun and is worth having at one’s home.

The Bottom Line

Of course the best case scenario is one that never needs any extra help in the first place. Be smart. Keep the porch lights on, the doors and windows locked and keep an eye on the neighbors. 

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