What Happens When You Dont Oil A Gun

Why Is It Important to Oil a Gun Proper Maintenance and Oiling A Firearm Gun owners are particular about their firearm maintenance routines. A good gun owner will take care of their firearm on a regular basis, firing it, cleaning it, and lubing it. But what happens if a gun is run dry? Running a […]

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Can You Use Alcohol to Clean a Gun

Using Alcohol to Clean a Firearm Can Alcohol Be Used to Clean a Gun? Cleaning a firearm is important in maintaining a long bore life and optimum accuracy.1Alcohol has been a “go to” cleaner for a really long time, in a number of industries. The gun community most certainly has its use for alcohol in […]

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Can You Use Soap to Clean a Gun

Will Soap and Water Clean a Gun? Myth or Fact: Cleaning Guns With Soap and Water Tons of methods exist for cleaning a gun, including even ultrasonic cleaning technologies (that are obviously super complicated and cost way too much for the average gun owner).1So most gun owners are stuck cleaning their guns the old fashioned […]

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Can I Use Scopes In The Rain

Can Scopes Be Used In The Rain? Preparing Scopes For Use In The Rain Anyone who has used a rifle in extreme weather, rain, snow, or anything of the sort, can appreciate the ease of shooting fog-free. Fog is a very real contaminant when it comes to spoiling a shot or hunting experience. Anti-fog scopes […]

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What Tools Do You Need For Gunsmithing

What Equipment Is Required For Gunsmithing An Introduction and Guide to Gunsmithing Equipment Gunsmithing requires a lot of learned skill (experience), and proper training. Still, it cannot hurt to have some of the better gunsmithing tools and equipment in order to make the job easiest. Whether the tools are basic or more advanced, they should […]

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What To Do If Your Gun Gets Submerged In Water

Will A Gun Shoot After It Has Been Submerged In Water? Are Guns Waterproof? All types of firearms exist. Some are made to be more durable than others. And while the term “durable” may be relative, most people would agree it sounds like a far stretch to be able to drop a gun in water […]

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