Can I Use Scopes In The Rain

Can Scopes Be Used In The Rain? Preparing Scopes For Use In The Rain Anyone who has used a rifle in extreme weather, rain, snow, or anything of the sort, can appreciate the ease of shooting fog-free. Fog is a very real contaminant when it comes to spoiling a shot or hunting experience. Anti-fog scopes […]

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What Types Of Optics Mount On An AK-47

Optics That Mount On The AK-47?Are There Optics For The AK-47? Are There Optics For The AK-47? The AK-47 is a well-respected, powerful assault rifle. It is gas-operated and has an automatic firing mode. The AK-47 is so popular that there were an estimated 85-90 million of them around the world, just a few years […]

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What Is The Best Infrared Optic For Close Quarters Combat

Best Thermal Optics and Scopes For Close Quarters Combat (CQC) Why Are Thermal Optics Used In Close Quarters Combat? Some really respectable military officers who helped develop a variety of Close Quarters Combat systems (martial arts, weapons, and other defenses) agreed on the consensus definition of Close Quarters Combat (CQC) to be any type of […]

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