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Greetings. By using ArmoryBay.com, you hereby agree to these terms, conditions of website use, and privacy policies.

I. General Terms

You understand that we are not responsible for typos, user generated content, pricing or listing errors, website downtime or other outages, or any natural disasters. Armory Bay is a responsible entity and employs a team of administrators, authors, and other operators, in order to maintain a clean and professional environment for people to enjoy and exchange information; however, we cannot be responsible for everything that happens on the internet, including on our website.

II. User Generated Content Zones

Some of our website may allow users (such as yourself) to be able to comment or otherwise contribute to conversations and topics. Some of these places include but are not limited to: our contact form, article comment systems, and the forum. But with the right of posting, comes a great responsibility to uphold standards of respect for others. If your posts or contributions are less than respectable, contain an index of profanity, or may be considered bullying/hazing, your content may be removed and your account may be banned without warning.

Similarly, as a user of Armory Bay, you hereby agree that you understand a lot of content may be user generated, and that this may expose you to the element of “interacting with people, ideas, content, and any other attributes posted” whom are not actual Armory Bay writers and/or administrators. Some of this content may seem offensive to you, however, it may be out of Armory Bay administrator’s control to remove some content.

III. Cookies, Analytics

You understand that Armory Bay uses cookies, analytics and other common tracking software in order to improve the flow of service and your ability to use Armory Bay.

IV. Privacy Policy

Armory Bay may collect some basic details about your visit, like many sites (such as cookies and analytics), and may also collect information from you when you register for our forum, contact form or store. This information is not sold, traded, or otherwise released in any way to any parties. It is only used to satisfy your order, or otherwise render you the requested service (including your ability to access the forum). Armory Bay is a responsible entity and takes great care in keeping your information safe, including the use of SSL technology and other salt/hash encryption techniques.

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